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We have listed below some of the current changes to procedures etc. that affect people moving to Finland.



The Finnish Immigration Service Migri encourages everyone to use the online service system Enter Finland for all possible matters. Many Finnish embassies are functioning on special schedules and access to services might be restricted. The deadline for identification is extended to 31.8.2021 instead of the regular 3 months. For more information visit Migri's website

Border control:

The restrictions and procedures to border control have changed several times during the past year. Currently entry to Finland is allowed for work and other necessary reasons. For the most up-to-date information, visit the Border control's website.



This year, a foreign employee working in Finland for the first time may, by way of exception, receive a tax card without visiting a tax office in person due to the coronavirus situation. The Tax Administration provides the employee with a tax number and a tax card based on information submitted in a form by the customer. The procedure is valid until 30.9.2021 . For more information visit the tax office's website.

Local registration:

Should you need to visit the Digital and Population Data Services Agency e.g. to request municipality of residence, please book an appointment. The offices only serve clients by appointment at the moment. For more information visit DVV's website.

Booking travel and accommodation:

If you are planning to come to Finland but are not 100% sure if your travel plans will work, be mindful of the cancellation policies of travel and accommodation bookings. If possible, request for written confirmation of when and how the booking(s) should be modified or cancelled. Some real estate agents offer special conditions or policies, for instance. Always check this before finalising your booking or making any payments. For more information on finding accommodation, visit the Accommodation section.

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