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Relocation Process

Setting up a life in a new country is a lot of work and full of details. PocketRelo’s expert advice will guide you through the process, starting from explaining the process.

Process in a nutshell:

You need to take care of several things from translating documents to finding a home when you move to another country. Usually the process has many steps and the different points in the process can affect others. Relocating is a puzzle and with PocketRelo’s help you can easily connect the pieces.

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The Finnish system includes many interconnected points and taking care of everything in the right order is important. It will ensure that you have met the legal requirements concerning coming to, residing and working in Finland, and make organizing your life much easier. It is good to know that most registrations and applications are free of charge, except for immigration documents and private services, such as using a bank account.

The first two steps, immigration and local registration, are of utmost importance. The other steps are much easier to take care of once these are in order. So even if you do nothing else, make sure you get your immigration documents ready early enough, and visit the Finnish Immigration Service and/or magistrate first thing when you come to Finland.

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The puzzle of moving to Finland:

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